The glock32 gen 4 was one of the greatest weapons out there and now Arnold had decided he was going to buy one for Because while you see Arnold lived in a very aristocratic wealthy neighborhood Harold did not. Harold lived in an inner city neighborhood that had one of the highest crime rates in the United States. Harold believed the gun stores where he lived was way to dangerous so he had Arnold buy it for him one Sunday afternoon.

glock-logo glocks12345Arnold lived in a very nice neighborhood with a very low crime rate so it was going to be hard for him to find a store where he’d be able to find a glock32 to protect Harold. Arnold then did a Google search for places to buy glock32 handguns in his neighborhood. He found 14 locations. One of them was a 20 minute drive and seemed to be the most legit store that sold guns. So Harold walked down the three flights of stairs from his upper Manhattan apartment, went to the parking lot, and made his way to the gun store. On the way to buy the glock32 Arnold listened to some great music which he hadn’t gotten an opportunity to do in a long time. At the end of his journey Arnold saw a sign for The Naked Gun not the movie. He walked in. There was a man with an eye patch and an NRA t-shirt sitting at the counter. “ Can I help you?” the cashier asked Arnold. “ Yes” answered Arnold. “ I would like to buy a glock32 for my friend what is the process for that.” “ Okay do you have a copy of his ID?” asked the cashier. “ Yes I do” answered Arnold. The cashier took a photocopy of the idea and made another photocopy. “ Come right this way” he said. The cashier took Arnold to the back and pulled a gun down. “ This is the glock 32” the cashier explained as he showed Arnold the weapon he had. “ Is this what you are looking for?” Exactly answered Arnold. “ Correct.” The cashier told Arnold the price and Arnold bought it. Arnold locked the glock32 in a safe and secure box and made sure that nobody would be able to gain access to it. He then prepared to drive the glock32 to Harry. Arnold didn’t really want to risk parking his car in Harold’s neighborhood though so he told Harold to meet him by the street so he could give him the glock32. Harold agreed in relief. Arnold began to drive back towards Harold’s apartment in a neighborhood similar to Harlem that was not Harlem. Arnold pulled over to the side of the road. It looked like nobody was trying to drive by so he was relieved about that atleast for the time being. Harold came out the two had a brief conversation. Harold then thanked Arnold and paid him back for the Glock32. As Harold drove away he hoped he had helped his friend. They would be in touch.

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Healthy Essential Oils

Colored Bottles We spend our entire lives in our bodies. Every day and every night. Until virtually technology advances we are stuck in our human form. This is why bath and body care is so important. Our skin and eyes and feet are the only ones we got. The cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar business because of this. Everyone is very concerned with how they look and so there are hundreds of creams that promise to make us look younger and make our skin softer, smoother, and glow. Today I would like to talk about my bath and body routines and how I maintain looking amazing. You may think it is easy but I assure you a good bath and body routine is difficult!

It all starts when I wake up in the morning. Our bodies lose water while we sleep and it is integral to rehydrate our body once we wake up. I keep a bottle of water by the bed for this exact reason. When I wake up I have a delicious and fresh sip of water that not only helps to rehydrate my body but helps to wake me up!

Next I head to the yoga mat. When you start your day with yoga you can ensure that it is going to be a great day. Yoga focuses your mind as well as stretches your body. When done in the morning it can help awaken your senses and leave you essential-oils-for-skin-problemsmore alert to face the day. I then say my personal prayers and head to the shower. For me, the shower is a sacred place and as with most sacred places I don’t allow garbage in my shower. All my soaps and shampoos are organic all natural and some are even homemade. Essential oils also play a role because they are chock full of good vibes. Having lavender oil in the shower can calm your mind and body and once again prepare you for the long day ahead of you. I tend to use body washes over bar soap. I find the body washes do a better job at exfoliating my skin. They also last longer because a little goes a long way. I also have a loofah on hand. I have my own homemade almond and coconut butter face wash that I leave on my face throughout the shower. I wash it off before I exit the shower. On my hair I only use shampoos that are cruelty free and infused with argan or tea tree oils (Check out These two oils are the best for my hair and have been for years.

When I get out of the shower I brush my teeth and cut my nails. I then dry up. After, I rub in some body oil that ensures my skin remains hydrated. Then it’s time to get dressed and start my day. SO, you see it isn’t easy work but it is totally worth the hassle. Bath and body are a part of the great balance of life. Take it seriously!

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