Ben And Jerry’s

ben and jerrys 2 There aren’t too many things which are better than Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. And finally they have a few vegan flavors, to satisfy the cravings of our non-animal-product-using brothers and sisters. Those flavors are really great, by the way. If you are able to get past the fact that they are not meant to resemble dairy – and some aren’t able to do so – then you discover a few really good flavors of ice cream.


There is a lot which goes into breaking into the vegan market. Thankfully, the vegan movement is becoming greater and larger. It is no longer a trend, or just a fad. It is a way of life which many are adopting. Obviously, or it should be obvious, you need to do it right and you need to engage in proper veganism. This means looking out for your health first. It isn’t enough to just cut out animal products. You have to learn what you want to replace them with, and what is the best way to go about it. If it takes you an extra month or two, it is worth investing that time. And if during that time you are still eating animal products, well, consider it a good investment in yourself and your well being.


Benjamin and Jeremiah know their schtick. Ice creams are so popular, and B&J know precisely what they are doing. Some of those flavors are some of the best and most unique out there, in the commercial market. Are there others which may be better? Could be, but they are a lot less accessible. Plus, come on… Cherry Garcia, man.

B&J now have nine flavors, including two new arrivals: cinnamon buns, and peanut butter half baked. I cannot wait ben and jerrys 1to taste them. I think I have sampled a nice amount of B&J in my day, and I have enjoyed some to a great degree. As is, I was thinking about it for a week afterwards. It haunted my dreams and wishes. Good grief, those are good.

So, the vegan ones are all well and good. The dairy ones are also an amazing feat. The special crazes, the limited editions, the old faithful classics. These are some of the best things ever to reside inside a freezer, and we usually don’t let them get too comfortable. Because guess what? They are going to be eaten. Oh yes. They are going to be eaten.

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