The Glock 19

glock-19-gen-4 There are some things that a man just needs. A good woman, a cold beer, and a Glock 19. Yes you heard me correctly a good woman. Oh, you mean the Glock 19? Ah yes I am a firm believer of the importance of the right of every American to shoot a gun and own a gun if he or she so chooses. Of course only after an extensive background check. After all guns in the hands of maniacs do all of us a disservice and put us in harm’s way. Many people who are interested in getting a gun license and owning a gun are mainly looking for a handgun. Handguns are usually smaller and carry smaller quantities of rounds. Usually they are conceal to carry which means they sit in a holster on ones belt or leg. The point is what you are looking for is something small and compact and the Glock 19 checks all those boxes.

Now for a brief look at the Glock 19. The Glock 19 is one of Glock’s flagship pistols. It all started with the Glock 17 and when they saw how well the 17 was received they decided to introduce a more compact version of that pistol giving birth to the Glock 19. It is smaller and therefore Ideal for conceal to carry. It also holds up to 15 rounds which gives most shooters ample ammo to deflect any threat that may come his or her way. I personally own the Gen 4 9mm version of the pistol and I have found it to be one of my favorites. The gen 4’s come with changeable back straps and also a nice textured grip so that the gun stays firm in your hand. The magazine is reversible essentially making it fool-proof. The gun is fairly glock-19-accessories1lightweight due to Glock’s now famous polymer frame. The polymer is made of a plastic like material which allows the Glock 19 to withstand most if not all weather situations you may find yourself in.

The gun also comes with Glock’s safety features which keeps you and anyone else handling your gun safe from misfires. There is a three step process which work together to ensure no accidents occur while operating the gun. Like I mentioned before the gun takes 9mm bullets. I prefer the hollow points because they will do more damage and consequently save you more ammo. The trigger pull is extremely mooth allowing you to neutralize a threat in ‘1,2, pull’ . I can easily shoot a target from 50 yards away and I am constantly going to the range to improve upon my shooting skills and accuracy. This gun packs power!

To conclude, this subcompact Glock 19 is perfect for those looking for a great conceal to carry weapon. Its superior build will have it keeping you safe for years to come. I would recommend it for folks with smaller hands but like all Glock offerings you can customize this baby to fit almost any hand size.

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The glock32 gen 4 was one of the greatest weapons out there and now Arnold had decided he was going to buy one for Because while you see Arnold lived in a very aristocratic wealthy neighborhood Harold did not. Harold lived in an inner city neighborhood that had one of the highest crime rates in the United States. Harold believed the gun stores where he lived was way to dangerous so he had Arnold buy it for him one Sunday afternoon.

glock-logo glocks12345Arnold lived in a very nice neighborhood with a very low crime rate so it was going to be hard for him to find a store where he’d be able to find a glock32 to protect Harold. Arnold then did a Google search for places to buy glock32 handguns in his neighborhood. He found 14 locations. One of them was a 20 minute drive and seemed to be the most legit store that sold guns. So Harold walked down the three flights of stairs from his upper Manhattan apartment, went to the parking lot, and made his way to the gun store. On the way to buy the glock32 Arnold listened to some great music which he hadn’t gotten an opportunity to do in a long time. At the end of his journey Arnold saw a sign for The Naked Gun not the movie. He walked in. There was a man with an eye patch and an NRA t-shirt sitting at the counter. “ Can I help you?” the cashier asked Arnold. “ Yes” answered Arnold. “ I would like to buy a glock32 for my friend what is the process for that.” “ Okay do you have a copy of his ID?” asked the cashier. “ Yes I do” answered Arnold. The cashier took a photocopy of the idea and made another photocopy. “ Come right this way” he said. The cashier took Arnold to the back and pulled a gun down. “ This is the glock 32” the cashier explained as he showed Arnold the weapon he had. “ Is this what you are looking for?” Exactly answered Arnold. “ Correct.” The cashier told Arnold the price and Arnold bought it. Arnold locked the glock32 in a safe and secure box and made sure that nobody would be able to gain access to it. He then prepared to drive the glock32 to Harry. Arnold didn’t really want to risk parking his car in Harold’s neighborhood though so he told Harold to meet him by the street so he could give him the glock32. Harold agreed in relief. Arnold began to drive back towards Harold’s apartment in a neighborhood similar to Harlem that was not Harlem. Arnold pulled over to the side of the road. It looked like nobody was trying to drive by so he was relieved about that atleast for the time being. Harold came out the two had a brief conversation. Harold then thanked Arnold and paid him back for the Glock32. As Harold drove away he hoped he had helped his friend. They would be in touch.

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