Ntural shampoos

natural-shampoo-1 Finding that great shampoo out there can be extremely difficult. Dan was always looking hard for a great shampoo. This is his story.

Dan had tried a ton of shampoos at this point. He had tried all the popular shampoo brands like Head and Shoulders, Loreal, you know all of the very classic shampoos out there. There are a lot of them in this world these days. He started natural-shampooreally doing some serious shampoo work for his hair at a very young age. He was around 10 years old. Five years later at age 15 though he still had extreme difficulty finding that shampoo that he really wanted. He heard though about some great websites online or sellers on Amazon.com that sold some really great all natural shampoo. It was really exciting for Dan. His friends had told him that these shampoos had no artificial fragrances, sulfates, parabens any of that stuff. He enjoyed all of this all natural shampoo stuff talk and was wondering how it would work out in real life. “Where I can buy this natural shampoo?” Dan asked one of his friends one night. “ Oh you can try that new Joes Natural shampoos, soaps and more on Main Street” said one of Dans friends. “ Good idea” Dan replied. The thing was though Main Street was all the way in Queens and not on the Upper West Side where Dan lived. So he would have to take the subway all the way down there and probably hop on the Q64 to get there from there. It was pretty annoying to get to Queens in the end of the day let’s be honest. Yet this is what he decided to do. Dan traveled all the way down there on the subway with all that traveling on the subway to order natural shampoo entails and it entails a lot. So he did that he had to switch trains and then once he got to Queens Dan had to get on the Q64 bus. It’s a good thing the bus came right away because it was a cold afternoon. He was thrilled though. He was on his way to get his shampoo. The best thing about buying this shampoo was he was off from school for winter vacation. So soon after Dan arrived at Joes Natural shampoos, soaps, etc, he went up to the cashier and asked a hippy kind’ve looking guy the question. “ Hi I’m looking for an all natural shampoo . A shampoo that can deal with both dandruff and oily hair and can prevent hair loss I have a history of it in my family and I want to get a head start on that.” “ Ya” said the cashier. “ Go to aisle 32 you want the All Natural Super Shampoo. It should everything you need.” “ Cool” answered Dan.

Dan then walked over to the aisle and bought some of the super shampoo. He paid for it and made his journey home.

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