Simple jack 2 Jack always used to sit next to me in class. He smelt of Tea Tree oil shampoo by Maple Holisics and Patchouli oil. I just had
a nose for those kinds of things! He was kind of nerdy but also super handsome. You could tell we really
liked each-other but we were also very shy the both of us so it took us two years of sitting in the same
class, side by side before he finally had the courage to ask me out.

We were in so many classes together and Id always see him in the halls and walk by with friends but still
I never had the courage to say anything to him but I knew I liked him. He had quirky black glasses,
always doodled, had wavy hair, was just taller than me, was intelligent and had the nicest voice. He was
always so thoughtful with his answers and always so polite to people. Most of all I loved his piercing
blue eyes. He melted me!

One Thursday afternoon before the bell was out he handed me a note, it read “Lia, I am sorry its takenSimple jack 1
me so long to ask you, I have wanted to do so for so long, but I am shy, will you go out with me this
weekend?” – and he left his phone number. My mouth dropped. I really didn’t know what to say –
luckily, he wasn’t standing there to see my reaction of bright red cheeks and a smile as huge as the

I left it until the Friday afternoon and then I called him and said, “Yes I’d love to”. He picked me up that
eve at 8pm by scooter, I kinda liked that, it added to his quirk. He said did I mind riding by bike and I said
nope. He said he was taking me out for dinner and then we’d go to see a movie if I was up for it. He was
a total gentleman and made me feel as if we were going on a date in the 1920’s or something. I felt
courted which was cool because its just so nice when a man pays you attention and actually does want
to take you out and doesn’t expect anything in return. What a lot of men don’t get is that when you
really input into the dating and courting and when she doesn’t feel like she is going to be used and she
and really when she feels safe, that she gives back ten times more.

Well I was lucky to find one of those. He didn’t try anything with me. At the end of the date he asked if
he could kiss me on the cheek and I said yes, it took a whole month before he finally kissed me on the
lips and well our relationship went very slow and that’s why it lasted so long. He really turned out to be
my childhood sweetheart I guess you could call it – childhood being over the age of 16. We were
together for nearly 5 years, all through college and Uni but we decided to break up at the end of Uni. It
just seemed our lives were taking us in other directions.
He will always be in my heart though, always!

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